Same Wear Layer as Solid Wood

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Our flooring has the same usable wear layer thickness as solid ¾ inch thick flooring. We do not waste our rare perfect wood, where it would serve no benefit just hidden at the bottom of solid flooring. The logs we craft our flooring from are exponentially more expensive than the lower grade logs the entire wood flooring industry utilizes. The price of solid flooring would be outside the budget constraints of most projects.

Including our thick wear layer, Charles Peterson uses a 12 ply construction to provide maximum stability.  This 12 ply construction utilizes the premier Baltic Birch plywood from Russia that is renowned for its strength and stability. The Russian Baltic Birch plywood has proven itself through billions of square feet of flooring all over the world to be an established benchmark for durability and stability. Russian Baltic Birch plywood is 25 times more stable than solid Red Oak.