Other custom mills buy industry graded kiln dried lumber to machine into flooring. 

Acquiring perfect logs is expensive and their availability is scarce. Processing these logs into perfectly grain matched flooring is labor and specialized equipment intensive.   Almost all production flooring mills don’t want to invest their time and money in a low volume, very custom product.

Custom mills (and smaller production mills), buy industry graded kiln dried lumber to machine into flooring.  Industry graded lumber is made from the flawed “saw” quality logs.   You simply can’t make a “Signature” quality floor from a “saw” quality log.

In order to produce Charles Peterson Signature Flooring we hand select our logs from the forest, and not just any forest.  Fact: Veneer mills which buy the best logs are located geographically near the best old growth forests.  Fact: Indiana has 10 “hard” hardwood veneer mills, The entire country of Canada has 4 “hard” hardwood veneer mills.  No other State in the US has more than 2 “hard” hardwood veneer mills.  Charles Peterson’s Signature Flooring Production site is in South Central Indiana, where the highest quality logs are.

We then saw these logs “in-house” with our proprietary Radial Sawmills to our uniquely high standards.  After sawing, we gently slow dry them in our proprietary kilns. By controlling the entire process from the forest to your home, we are able to achieve a “new quality standard”.