Proprietary Radial Sawing

Proprietary Radial Sawing

I have chosen to craft my flooring with vertical grain. Vertical grain has a simple elegance compared to the distracting busy wood grain of plain sawn cut boards. As Leonardo da Vinci stated “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

We craft the only “True Quarter Sawn” flooring in the industry with a grain angle between 80-90 degrees yielding the most stability for each species of wood compared to the industry’s loose standard of 45-90 degrees. This also produces a more-consistent grain pattern.. The only of its kind on the market.

Our Rift sawn flooring is crafted with the most uniform color and grain in the industry. Our Proprietary Radial Sawing allows us to achieve a level consistency not achieve before. Our rift sawn flooring may reach a grain angle as high as 74 degrees depending on the log. The higher grain angle (closer to 90 degrees) creates a more dimensional stable floor and produces a tighter grain.

Vertical grain’s beauty is more than skin deep. It is more dimensionally stable than plain sawn flooring which allows it to endure harsher environmental conditions. It can take a heavier impact without denting and wears less. It is more resistant to twisting, warping and cupping. It is less prone to surface checking and creates a smoother surface than plain sawn flooring. As an artisan I can slightly touch upon immortality by having my creations endure past my own life.

• More dimensionally stable
• Resistant to twisting, warping and cupping
• More dent resistant
• Wears less
• Smoother surface